Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phil Wickham- Heaven and Earth

I have so many resources to share here that were incredibly helpful to us.  Some of the most helpful resources have been songs.  Songs can touch our hearts deeply.  My cousin's dear wife sent me Phil Wickham's CD Heaven & Earth- every song has been powerfully encouraging to me.  The album was inspired by thoughts of creation before the fall of Adam and Eve.  He pondered how difficult it was for Adam and Eve to toil after the curse, because they remembered paradise with God.

The song "Eden" was very powerful when my heart yearned for justice and despised the broken world in which Mia was born and died.
The song "The Time is Now" has lifted my soul out of the dark pull of grief several times.  It has beautiful orchestral sections.  Noah and Gavin love it, too.  When you have time, listen to the entire thing.

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