Sunday, June 2, 2013

Honoring Mia

Dear Family and Friends,

At the anniversary of her passing, we thank God for Mia Caroline, a precious girl we were blessed to hold for a brief time.  In honor of Mia, we invite you to participate with us in one or two ways:

First, I will wear pink on Tuesday, June 4, to remember our daughter.  Please join me in doing so as well.

Second, some of you may want to honor her by giving.  This year, many of you stepped in to help us in our crisis.  Thank you for your faithfulness. We feel strongly that the people most in need of our help are women and babies. 

Therefore, we invite you to give in her name, Mia Caroline Stel, to your local crisis pregnancy center.  Mia lived a brief life, but many mothers and babies are still in need of our help.  Pregnancy centers give mothers loving treatment to provide them the opportunities they and their child need to thrive.

By donating to a pregnancy center, we feel that you are helping to spread Mia’s message:  No matter how brief a life, each one is profoundly important.

Thank you deeply in advance for honoring her with your support.  Your love has helped breathe renewed life into our hearts.


Derrick and Ruth

PS- Our local pregnancy center is Modesto Pregnancy Center.  If you are curious about the services they offer or would like to give to this center, you can visit Modesto Pregnancy Center.

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  1. Hi Ruth-
    My thoughts and prayers are with you today as you fondly remember Mia.

    Much love,